Menu offers - Avion restaurant

Our hotel's Avion restaurant will offer an opportunity for business lunches and meetings, business dinners and elegant dinner parties or group meals. Guests arriving for events get special and unique menu offerings. Check out some of our menu variations, of course, unique ideas are also welcome.

Our menu

Business Menu (green pea soup with ginger, basil, grilled chicken breast steak with vegetables and jasmine rice, slices of cherry and clove wine sauce)

Vegetarian, diabetic menu (Grilled Camembert with mixed seasonal salad, chicken breast with sage steamed wok vegetables, fresh fruit cup)

Airport Gourmet Menu (Roast goose in elder flower-apple sauce, Lamb with rosemary potatoes and stew beans with red wine)

Hungarian menu (Goulash soup, stuffed chicken breast with braised cabbage and Vecsési rösti potatoes, Somlói dumplings)

Wedding Menu offers

Vecsési Wedding

Vecsési cock soup served in bowls

Wedding plate served: on roast potatoes with parsley, rice and peas basis: rosemary roasted turkey, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, fried pork chop with beer braised cabbage, fried pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, bacon cocks

Seasonal salads and pickles

Midnight: cooked sausage with bread, mustard, cold roast

Swabian Wedding

Creamy paprika chicken soup with fresh loaf

Fried dish: on rice with parsley basis: fried sided Bavarian cabbage, fried crispy pork tenderloin with onion and Swabian potato, fried cheese, fried mushrooms

Seasonal salads and pickles

Midnight: Bavarian sausage with cabbage and beans with dill

Vecsési Farm Wedding

Farm chicken soup with noodles

Farm mixed dish: on rice with corn and parsley potatoes basis: Roast duck leg, skinned pork chops with braised cabbage, fried sausage, stuffed chicken legs, fried calf's liver, fried mushrooms

Seasonal salads and pickles

Midnight: Vecsési stuffed cabbage with sour cream, cold roast

Home-made Wedding

Home-made chicken soup with vegetables, noodles (after the soup bowls chicken is served with dumplings, horseradish, mustard)

Mixed dish: on rice and potatoes with parsley basis: fried pork chops, fried chicken legs, turkey breast, fried mushrooms, fried cheese

Seasonal salads and pickles

Midnight: Székely cabbage with sour cream and beef stew

For custom quote please ask our staff and they are happy at your disposal.